The Venus in Aquarius Man:

He will want to first learn more about her thoroughly, to understand how she thinks, and so on. In essence, this native is a non-conformist, the odd one out in society, and he is naturally interested in elements that many would not even think of.

A Venus in Aquarius man must be interested in his fan’s IQ prior to even thinking of dating her. This is to say that he would sooner discover a witty remark or a passion for art or literature, rather than the perky derriere.

The Venus in Aquarius man in a nutshell:

He wishes to be fascinated, to have his interest stimulated by her intellectual interests, by the way, she takes a look at the world, and what her perspectives are.

The fastest method to a Venus in Aquarius’ mind is a smart discussion, complex expressions, the chance to learn something, namely his mind.

He looks just like he’s not interested at all, like all he wants is to be a buddy to you. And his lover will right away identify this from a mile away.

Calm and reserved with his viewpoints, he will just talk when asked to, but he will blow your mind away with how complicated his rhetoric is. He will want a partner who empathizes with this aspect of his personality, and who shares his eccentric personality.

In conclusion
His greatest characteristic is having the ability to keep his partner on the peak of interest using smart remarks, witty discussions about the most interesting of topics.

This guy tends to trivialize relationships, to treat his partner as he would another buddy of his, and because he doesn’t do well with emotions, with compassion, and with expressing his feelings, the impression he makes is even more powerful.

When it comes to dressing code, or anything other than that, he has an interest in what protrudes like an aching thumb. Whatever does not conform to the social code, this person is all over it, and we’re speaking about pals or enthusiast here.

Drawn in by …
This guy makes sure to be a tech enthusiast, a technological geek who knows all the excellent things coming on the market, all the digital developments, so he would obviously discover it attractive and interesting if his fan had the same interests.

He takes journeys of the mind so typically that you simply can’t get bored, and he will not accept someone who can’t understand this interest of his, someone who simply can’t follow through with his own part in this grand scheme of life.

Romantic ladies who expect their partners to be all mushy, all caught up in the swirls of love and expose all their feelings will be quite dissatisfied with the Venus in Aquarius guy.

Creativity and spontaneity are extremely valued, and he takes this to an entire other level as he surprises both his friends and enthusiasts with how uninhibited and nuts he can be.

He’s very non-traditional and a non-conformist, so be prepared to be taken to lots of fascinating places that you wouldn’t anticipate.

In turn, he would desire his partner to both comprehend, tolerate, and even value his weirdness and quirks.

Initially, he may a little socially awkward and not even understand how to approach a female, but this also means that when things get to a particular level, he will devote completely, never ever to wander off once again. Essentially, the method he was raised, his household background, matter a lot in his future advancement.

Eclecticism, non-conformism, a strong character, company concepts, and a sense of supreme freedom are the essential qualities of a male born under Venus in Aquarius.

He does not do that sort of thing, it’s simply not in his nature. Empathy is not his forte, intuition is a foreign idea, and he would rather choose that you inform him what’s wrong. He doesn’t like guessing due to the fact that he likes being lethal accurate.

He has a scientific mind, a limitless interest, and he is a really intelligent individual in the first place. He wishes to gain all the knowledge in the world, and he knows that he will learn through all his life.

When his relationship ends up being dull and he doesn’t have anything else to gain from it, he will be very dissatisfied, and it will take some time for this sensation to wear away. Although most people would think that he does not have any problems cheating, given how mentally detached he can be, this isn’t real for the most part.

This guy was born to change the world, to cause a revolution that will easily top out all other discoveries of his time, and help develop society as we see it.

Sharing the same pastimes would, in fact, raise his interest bar rather a lot, however his all depends on how his partner sees the relationship.

He seeks for people who are open-minded, who do not evaluate things even if they can’t comprehend them, those intelligent sufficient to escape the social conformity.

Positives: Eccentric and dedicated;
Negatives: Terrible and obstinate;
Soulmate: Somebody who has a scientific mind of his own;
Life lesson: Taking more time to practice hobbies.
His love personality
The Venus in Aquarius male wants to be with someone who’s not simply a gorgeous face atop an ideal body. That, he can discover all over around him, if he looks hard enough.

He wants a lover with a clinical mind, a logical observer of the world who exceeds the shallow veil. She should be a little perverse and imaginative in bed, but not to too far.

The man born with Venus in Aquarius is sociable and communicative, and as long as people can hang on to their pants in the face of his unforeseen appearance or odd tastes, whatever’s going to play rather well.

When he remains in his beast mode, he will attempt to terrify people away with even weirder things, however in general, he’s a bit on the severe, either through his style sense, passions or the knowledge that he has.

If she’s a rebel who desires flexibility above all else, then she’s the one. He’s driven crazy by weirdness, quirks, the unusual things that you do or consider.

Paradoxically, when his fan is in fact unenthusiastic or detached, he gets interested and starts going a bit additional to attract her attention.