The Chariot Tarot: The Key to Opening the Doors

The Chariot Tarot

Chariot Tarot Keywords

  1. The Keywords – success, ambition, determination, willpower, control, focus
  2. Reversed Keywords – forceful, no direction, no control, powerless, aggression, obstacles

The Chariot Tarot Card Description

The Chariot tarot card is a Major Arcana card with a picture of a person inside a vehicle being driven by two sphinxes. This card is decorated with white stars on a blue canopy, with the figure sitting underneath it. He carries the sign of the crescent moon with such ease that you’d think he was carrying a bar of soap. His spiritual influence is visible to all. His head is crowned, which means he is enlightened. His will is pure. On his chest is a square, indicating the element of earth, which makes up his world and grounds him and his actions.

Charioteers compete on a track to control opposing forces. They must learn to control the sphinxes they race, which are colored in black and white. Some of them are calm, but they can get into scuffles pretty easily because they want to be wherever they feel like. His task is to guide these sphinxes towards a destination, where they are all welcomed by the cosmic forces that he represents.

the chariot tarot
The Chariot tarot card is a Major Arcana card with a picture of a person inside a vehicle being driven by two sphinxes.

Upright the Chariot Tarot Meaning

The chariot can mean many different things and it depends on the situation and who you talk to. Some people might see it as a card of overcoming challenges, but others might see it as a card of losing everything in pursuit of victory. This powerful charioteer has perfect control and confidence in her. This allows the charioteer to emerge victorious no matter the situation. Calmness and strength are critical in ensuring that you overcome the obstacles that lie in your path. The Chariot’s message is that you have the power to accomplish your goals.

He offers you some advice on how to stay focused on your goals and keep determined. There will be twists and turns, but if this is what it takes, then that’s what he’ll say. The Chariot can be a powerful tool to guide you through your plan or project. This process will help you stay focused and organized. Your confidence will help you achieve all that you should in this goal.

The Chariot seems to have a feeling of competition and a desire to succeed which perhaps has brought out a more aggressive part of his personality. The Chariot reminds you that aggression is a natural part of human nature, but it should also be reined in so you are able to go forward and take control.

Upright the Chariot Tarot Love Meaning

Now is the time to find out what you want in love and romance. It’s the perfect opportunity to make sure your expectations are met. The Chariot tarot guides you to your destination. It’s a combination of tarot cards with a love meaning. You can see benefits from taking control of your love life. Confidence, courage, and drive will help you succeed.

At some point, you will need to balance your urges, represented by the two horses in the card. The Chariot tarot love meaning can also indicate that. It may be difficult to steer clear of the different influences in your life, but learning how to control each one so that it works in your favor can help you stay on the path ahead. It is a common question whether the choices you have made so far are balanced. Some people believe that their relationships suffer from working long hours. Have you sacrificed too much of your individuality because you’re so focused on your relationship? The Chariot wants us to take our lives back from the hands of others and live them with conviction.

Career Meaning – Upright Chariot

You can get career advice from a tarot reading. You don’t have to stop there, though. You can also consult a Chariot for more insight into your future. You should have a clear idea of what you want for your career before you start. You will have to be very focused on reaching your destination. You can feel very motivated when you enter the workplace. You will need self-discipline and self-control in order to succeed. If you need to get more senior at your current workplace, showing this card will let your boss know that you are willing to take on the challenge. Make sure you remain focused on your work while avoiding distractions. This can include office politics or rivals; this is important for staying productive.

Finances Meaning – Upright Chariot

Now maybe a good time to deal with any financial obstacles that have been standing in the way of your material stability. The Chariot helps you to stay motivated and focused on your goals. It gives you the determination needed to meet challenges head-on. It’s possible to start feeling more confident about your finances with enough self-discipline.

Reversed Chariot Meaning

When you see the reversed Chariot in your reading, know that this card is giving you information about your aggression and lack of willpower. It is possible that you are lacking in focus, motivation, and direction. Or maybe your obsession with your goals is causing you to distort your reality. In the latter case, may the Chariot be a reminder that if you can gather the courage to do so, you will emerge victoriously? You may have impulses. You can rein in these impulses to avoid harmful effects. Coming to terms with the fact that you can’t always be in control of things may mean seeing the Chariot in reverse.

A Chariot card reversed can be a sign of lack of control in your life, especially when you are feeling agitated. You can’t seem to overcome your obstacles and the opposing forces continue to be too much for you to handle. You will need to take charge of your destiny and tighten some loose ends. This is a wake-up call and reminder that you must do so.

the chariot tarot
A Chariot card reversed can be a sign of lack of control in your life, especially when you are feeling agitated.

Reversed the Chariot Tarot Love Meaning

When you reverse the Chariot tarot love meaning, it gives a signal of overwhelming desire for love. This may cause other goals and aspirations to be forgotten. Sometimes, we focus so much on other people’s happiness that we forget to take care of our own. We should be happy with what we have and not try to change the other people in our lives. Patience is important when finding love. Be patient, and hope will show up when the time is right.

The presence of a reversed Chariot can show you that things are out of balance. You may need to work to correct the imbalance again. Make sure to take breaks from your work, love, family, and friends so that they are not suffering because of all the activities you’re doing. This could be one reason for disagreements between two people in a marriage.

Career Meaning – Reversed Chariot

Sometimes, the Chariot can signal a lack of ambition, focus, or drive, but sometimes it can indicate too much of it. Bringing up questions about how forceful or aggressive you are when pursuing your goals is the end result of this card. Do you ever feel like you’re waiting around passively for things to happen, hoping they’ll fall in your lap? Being aggressive to the point of hostility can backfire on you while being so passive can never bring you the kind of happiness you desire.

Finances Meaning – Reversed Chariot

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