Only Good Vibes Success and Inspiration Jar Gives Positive Boost and motivates You, Your Friends and Others That You Care for Every Day. It’s a Gift for Any Occasion

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Don’t know what to give as a present?
Looking for something exceptional?
Emotional value of a gift is important for you?
Yes, you’re in the right place.
Our products create and spread joy, positive and elevated emotions.
They are exceptional products because not only idea matters but also quality implementation from the very thorough creation of quotes to colour and paperchoice for package and quotations. Everything must meet the highest standards and our goal is for package to bond and spread joy. It’s not simple notes on colored paper printed with a printer.
We put a lot heart, feelings and experience when creating products. Every quote is thoroughly selected evaluating its message and emotional side. Positivity is a key element in every single quotation. It’s a long process that involves all our team.
It’s handmade products with lots of love.
This Jar contains 31 quotations. 
It is packed in a box that is very beautiful, gives positive vibes and is suitable for a gift.
Jar is300 ml. Spanish glass product.
Box size8.4 x 8.4 x10.5
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PERFECT GIFT – for friend, mom, sister, cousin and other family members, colleagues, the gift that will amaze and make anyone happy throughout all month. It’s a perfect gift for anyone that you are friends with or care for. It’s an ideal present for birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation, retirement. Even for yourself for no occasion. It’s a gift that has no limits at all
WHY YOU NEED IT – quotations will motivate, inspire and give the necessary enthusiasm and good vibe. If anyone you care for is feeling down or really needs his/her spirits to be lifted, that’s when they use it. It not only makes one smile, but also gives great positive boost every single day
USABILITY – just read one quotation every morning and get daily dose of positive mood. Use it in a friends’ party and surprise everyone by creating amazing vibe. Share it with your family member, partner or anyone you are close with. It will help you bond and keep your relationship growing. Whether you are teacher at school or university, quotes are fantastic and easy to use it. It’s ideal gift with plenty of room for improvisation
POSITIVE IDEA – it’s original and attractive idea that creates joy and happiness. It’s hand made. Box of this product is specially created colorful and playful and don’t forget high quality. Quotes are printed in printing house not with some printer at home. Colored quality paper is used to have smooth and pleasant feeling when you take them out. It’s sentimental and personal, and who doesn’t like to feel special?
ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS – all gift parts are reusable, high quality paper of quotes and box. Just pack it again and you have a wonderful special piece to give. Be sustainable and original. Use this gift in as many ways as you can think of – solo, with partner, as party game, relationship game, educational game, etc. Be inspired, be successful!

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